Kwenta State Log

A living document defining the state of Kwenta

KIP-0: KIP Template

Use below template to draft a new KIP:

kip: <to be assigned>
title: <title>
status: Draft
created: <yyyy-mm-dd>
section: <#>
This is the suggested template for new KIPs. Note that a KIP number will be assigned by an editor. When you submit your KIP, please use an abbreviated title in the filename, ``. The title should be 44 characters or less.

## Simple Summary

In 1-2 sentences, state the change that would be made to the protocol if this KIP were to be implemented.

## Abstract

Provide a brief overview of what the change will do to the protocol.

## Motivation

Provide an explanation for why this change is necessary.

## Specification

Outline how the change to the protocol will work and what are the steps required for implementing this change.

- If the KIP is an update to an existing paragraph, clearly indicate the section and paragraph of the KSL to be updated. Quote the language to be replaced with the suggested new language.
- If the KIP is an addition to a section, clearly indicate where the proposal should live in the KSL.