Kwenta State Log

A living document defining the state of Kwenta

KIP-95: Kwenta V3 Pool


Redirect SNX received from Synthetix Perps volume rewards towards a V3 pool.


Kwenta currently receives 5% of fees generated in the form of SNX from the Synthetix Treasury monthly. The Kwenta treasury holds 165,328.75 SNX (~ roughly $350k) at the time of writing. This proposal signals intent to set up a pool on Synthetix V3 and deposit current and future received SNX in it. There exists a respective SCCP.


Kwenta's SNX is currently sitting idle in the treasury. It's in our best interest to utilize this on Synthetix V3 -- not only to generate extra revenue for the DAO but to increase available liquidity for Perps V3 with the impending launch.

Growing our own liquidity on Synthetix V3 benefits our perpetuals offering over the long run but also enables Kwenta with in-house liquidity to bootstrap new markets or derivatives built on Synthetix V3.


Currently, 10% of all SNX rewards are earmarked for the Risk Protection Fund (KIP-83) if the fund's value falls below $100,000 sUSD. Once this allocation is made, the remainder will be used towards the Kwenta V3 pool.

  • Deploy a Synthetix V3 Pool
  • Present SCCP to onboard Kwenta pool
  • Deposit all of current SNX into Kwenta pool
  • Allocate funds to Perps V3 market (when available)

Initially, this will be managed by the Kwenta treasuryDAO. This includes the responsibility of managing c-ratio and choosing which V3 markets to allocate to.

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