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KIP-107: Update Decentralized Code Deployment Guidelines

Simple Summary

This KIP is aimed at introducing a six-month exclusivity period for newly developed features & products. The intent is to balance the open-source ethos with protecting investment in development resources and to provide a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving DeFi landscape.


This proposal suggests amending existing develpment guidelines to introduce a time-bound exclusivity period for up to six months post-development, during which the source code for new features will remain private. Post this period, the source code will be made publicly available under the existing open-source license terms (MIT).


The rapid evolution and competitiveness in the perps space require a balance between maintaining an open-source ethos and ensuring a return on the investment in development resources. By introducing a six-month exclusivity period, Kwenta can enjoy a temporary competitive advantage that can translate to better platform growth and user adoption.

  • Return on Investment: Significant resources are expended in the development of new features. A temporary exclusivity period helps in ensuring a return on the investments made.

  • Competitive Advantage: The exclusivity period provides a window for Kwenta to capitalize on the new features before competitors have the chance to replicate them.

  • User Adoption and Platform Growth: Early access to innovative features can drive user adoption and growth, which in turn will benefit the Kwenta community in the long run.


Implementing a time-bound exclusivity period strikes a pragmatic balance between open-source values and the competitive realities of the DeFi space. It allows Kwenta to protect its development investments, foster innovation, and maintain a competitive edge while adhering to the broader ethos of decentralization and community engagement.

Exclusivity Period

  • Duration: The exclusivity period will last for up to six months from the date of deployment of the new feature.

  • Code Access: During this period, the source code for the new features will remain closed. Only approved Kwenta developers and contributors will have access to the code.

  • Public Availability: Post the exclusivity period, the source code will be made publicly available under the existing open-source license terms.

Exclusion Criteria

Certain critical bug fixes, security patches, or other essential updates may be excluded from the exclusivity period to ensure the ongoing stability and security of the platform.