Kwenta State Log

A living document defining the state of Kwenta

KIP-121: Lower Conditional Orders Fee


Reduce the execution fee for conditional orders to 0.0003 ETH.


Given the discrepancy between the current fixed gas fee for conditional orders at 0.002 ETH and the actual cost of executing these orders, now closer to 0.0003 ETH, we propose adjusting the fixed fee to better align with these reduced costs.


With the successful launch of EIP-4844, gas costs on Optimism have been significantly reduced. In response, the DAO must re-calibrate the conditional order execution fee that was established for a less efficient network.


Before EIP-4844, Kwenta conditional orders incurred an average execution fee of over 0.035 ETH per order. The SMv2 Settings.sol contract includes a variable (executorFee) that sets the fee paid to the executor. EIP-4844 introduces a more cost-effective way for Optimism to record transactions on Ethereum, thereby decreasing the gas required for order processing. Reducing the executorFee as suggested will significantly lower the fees Kwenta traders pay.